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Bike VIN Check

Buying a used motorcycle is much like buying a used car, and it’s up to you to make sure that everything is as it should be. Checking the history of a motorcycle is an important part of the process. That’s why you should always do a motorcycle VIN check before you decide to buy, no matter how fantastic the bike appears. You should consider the fact that people are not always honest, especially when it comes to getting rid of a problem, and that there are thousands of motorcycles wrecked and many bikes are stolen everyday.

Questions like these can be answered by doing a motorcycle VIN check:
* How many owners has the motorcycle had?
* What is the title information?
* Does the motorcycle have a salvaged title?
* Has there been an accident and what was the damage to the bike?
* What state is the motorcycles title in?
* Are there any problems with the title and can you get it in your name without a lot of hassle?
* Is the odometer reading on the motorcycle correct?
* Knowing the VIN can also help you acquire the original specifications from the factory where the bike was built. This is always a good idea to have, and may help in some of the maintenance and repairs of the bike.

To do a motorcycle VIN check you will need to get the Vehicle Identification Number, (VIN). The VIN will be between 11 and 17 letters and numbers and they will be printed on a metal plate that is most often found on the motorcycle’s engine, but may also be stamped in several different places on the bike itself. Be very careful to write the number down correctly, you may want to use a magnifying glass to be sure that you can read the numbers and letters correctly. The first 3 numbers of a typical VIN will identify the manufacturer. Typically the next 6 digits contain information about the model of the motorcycle. The following numbers are unique for that individual bike.

After you have found the VIN and written it down you will need to get on the internet and do the actual history check. See the resources on this page. Register for the site, log in and enter what you information you are looking for. Provide the information that is requested from you and wait. It should only take a few minutes for the report to finish and you will know everything that you need to know about the motorcycle that you are interested in. The motorcycle history check could make all the difference. You may come away from the report feeling confident that you have made/will make a good choice in your purchase, or it may save you from making a horrible decision.