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"World music" is really a nebulous satellite radio genre that has a tendency to feature lots of pan flutes, maracas, bongos and individuals crazy Australian didgeridoo things. The word "world vehicle" is way less exotic, using to some vehicle such as the Ford Contour that may be offered in multiple marketplaces with simply minor changes designed to best attract folks both in France and Fresno. This is an concept that German producers have quite effectively activated to for many years, only one that American car manufacturers have prevented around radio audience avoid world music. Nonetheless, to save cash and take advantage of the engineering expertise of the European subsidiaries, American brands have progressively switched to world cars recently.

Ford Contour 1997 Reviews


Great peformance with either engine when equipped with a manual transmission. A worthwhile alternative for those who have BMW tastes, yet are restrained by a Ford wallet.


The Contour still uses Ford's, small-lettered stereo which is hard to tune without taking your eyes off the road. The back seat is inadequate for most full-size adults.

What's New

The addition of a Sport Package for the GL and LX models and the inclusion of a standard trunk light are the only changes for the 1997 Contour.