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About Ford Thunderbird 2002


Unlike today, vehicle options were pretty limited half a century ago once the Ford Thunderbird first required flight. There have been sedans, coupes, station wagons and convertibles, but basically a Ford would be a Ford -- straightforward versions on the common design. Using the 1955 T-bird, however, Ford introduced the idea of the sporty "personal luxury vehicle" -- a detailed-combined two-seater with V8 energy, a cushy ride and stylish styling. Additionally, it had the straightforward construction and reasonable cost of the Ford.

Ford Thunderbird 2002 Reviews


Silky-smooth DOHC V8, unmatched modern styling, based on Lincoln LS platform, available bolt-on hardtop


Lincoln's questionable LS five-speed automatic, no available manual transmission, expect to pay far more than sticker

What's New

Following a four-year absence, the Thunderbird nameplate returns on an all-new two-seat roadster platform designed to recall the first-generation '55-'57 T-Birds.