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About Lexus GS 300 1998

GS 300

A refined and stylish vehicle since its early-the nineteen nineties beginning, the midsize Lexus GS 300 sedan always emerged short within the personality department. Partially, it was an issue of perception. Lexus initially marketed the trunk-wheel-drive GS like a legitimate competitor towards the elite European sport sedans, however the car's soft suspension, over-aided steering and sluggish powertrain stated otherwise. The truth that it cost nearly as much as its German rivals certainly did not get it done any favors either.

Lexus GS 300 1998 Reviews


Awesome new sedan screams down the road faster than a scalded cat.


High price. Lack of a manual transmission.

What's New

A totally redesigned GS 300 appears for 1998. Featuring the familiar inline-six engine of the previous model in the GS 300, or an overhead cam V8 with continuously variable valve timing in the GS 400, the new cars lives up to the promise of providing serious fun in an elegant package.