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About Volvo S40 2000


German vehicle companies have lengthy been the dominant gamers within the compact sport sedan market. The Volvo S40, brought to its northern border American market in 2000, was the Swedish brand's first stab at stealing some share of the market. Although it had its weak points, the S40 would be a decent small sedan that assisted redefine Volvo's image. Rather than the conventional boxy shape once connected with Volvos, the S40 were built with a sleeker silhouette and was relatively fun they are driving.

Volvo S40 2000 Reviews


Strong complement of safety features, affordable base price, non-boxy styling.


No manual transmission, price of car can quickly escalate with optional equipment installed.

What's New

The S40 is Volvo's completely new entry-level sedan. Along with its wagon variant, the V40, this car rounds out Volvo's vehicle lineup. Safety, styling and comfort are its main attributes.