Buying a car online can be convenient, but also poses some risks if you don’t have some tips at hand. Make sure you know what it takes before you even think of entering your credit card information. Find out more information about the car you plan to purchase and the dealership.

This article sheds more light on how to buy a great car from the internet. It also helps car shoppers avoid online car buying scams.

Tips for a successful online car purchase

There are several websites that sell genuine cars online, but there are several others that are out to scam buyers. If you find a car that you plan to purchase, request the seller to allow you to access the vehicle in person prior to making a deposit.

Below are the key tips to help you buy a great car from the right seller and to help you avoid online car buying scams:

  • Do your research well to find the car you want to invest your money on. Read several used car adverts online or in your local newspapers. There are also several online guides that can help you in finding the values of used cars so that you can find a great deal.
  • Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Trusted companies don’t need to sell themselves. There are several customer reviews posted online that can help you differentiate between a reliable company and a rogue one. Check the ISIS logo to make sure the online dealer you deal with meets the set standards.
  • Reputable companies have a physical address. Always meet with the dealer within their business premises. In case things go wrong after purchasing a car, you will be able to trace them.
  • Get an independent mechanic to conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle and obtain the vehicle’s history report to check its background.
  • If the website process online payment, make sure the payment is secure. Always use a credit card since they offer protection against shopping frauds in case the dealer closes his business before you receive your car.
  • Make sure you have a printout of the car photos, description and adverts. The printout will act as evidence in case the seller turns his back on you.

Your rights when buying a car online

When buying a used car from an online dealer, you have the same rights that you get when buying a used car from an offline dealer. Under the 2013 Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations, online car buyers also have additional protections which include a ‘cooling-off’ period. Within this period, you can change your mind and cancel the order without incurring any fine.

When buying a used vehicle from a private seller online, you enjoy the same rights that you get when you buy from an offline private seller. But the rights that you enjoy when you purchase a used car from an online private seller are fewer than when you purchase from a dealer.