When buying used cars, you need to take certain things into account in order to make sure that you get the best deal. So, it is better to make a check list that you can look at when buying a used car. We have taken a step forward and made a check list for you that you can rely on.

  1. Decide which used car model, make and year you want to purchase.
  2. Do an extensive research to know used car prices. If you’re searching for the price information of any used car, then you will want to try the most trusted source which is the Kelley Blue Book.
  3. Find out how much it will cost you to finance the vehicle.
  4. Also find out how much it will cost you to insure a used vehicle.
  5. Research the history of the car that you plan to purchase using printed and online sources.
  6. Make sure you have interviewed your prospective seller on phone before you agree to meet them in person.
  7. Schedule a daytime appointment to meet the seller.
  8. Before you test drive the vehicle, be sure to check the engine, undercarriage and body for damage or rust.
  9. Check the interior for size, comfort and cleanliness.
  10. Inspect the tires to see whether they are worn out.
  11. Check the color of the oil and also ensure it is enough.
  12. Check the radiator and coolant for corrosion or leaks.
  13. Take the car for test driving on the highways. While test driving it, gauge the handling and acceleration.
  14. Also test the brakes, steering and alignment.
  15. Practice parking for sight lines and maneuverability.
  16. After the test drive, again inspect the engine for smoke, odors or leaks.
  17. Ask the seller to provide you with service records, title certificate and other relevant receipts.
  18. You may fail to notice some hidden damages on the car that you plan to purchase. Hire a mechanic or a vehicle specialist to inspect the vehicle before you make a final decision.