Decode Your Lexus VIN Number

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Lexus Lexus VIN Decoder

This is a Lexus VIN Decoder. Every Lexus vehicle has a VIN is a 17 character sequence that includes numbers and letters. Just key in your VIN and let our vin decoder churn out the following data:

  • Breakdown of the VIN segments
  • Flag if the VIN doesn't adhere to the standards defined
  • Basic vehicle information including year, make, model and trim
  • Vehicle fuel economy information

Lexus has gained a properly-deserved status for turning out absolutely refined luxury automobiles. The key points of the brand really are a quiet, well-crafted cabin, a luxurious ride and good performance from effective, nearly quiet engines.

The primary advantage Lexus had over Acura, which had arrived at US marketplaces three years before, was its originality. Unlike the very first Acura models that have been offered as rebadged Hondas, the Lexus held little connections to Toyota design designs.

The very first decade from the 2000s saw Lexus showing itself a trend setter using the launch of many hybrid-powered versions of their automobiles like the RX 400h and also the GS 450h. By 2011, Lexus even introduced a global-class supercar, the LFA.

Following a discharge of a heir towards the LS 400 and also the Toyota Aristo-based number of the GS, Lexus joined the suv segment in 1996 using the launch from the LX 450, a sizable vehicle in line with the Toyota Land Cruiser 100. By 1998, Lexus would release the RX, a high-selling crossover according to Toyota's Camry model in addition to a new number of the GS. Throughout the next years, further technological enhancements like the introduction from the Lexus Hybrid Drive system around the 2005 RX 400h, led to a much greater sales increase.

Lexus Squish VIN Table

A squish VIN is basically the first 11 digits of the VIN minus the 9th digit which is a check digit. It’s the value used to decode a VIN into a vehicle

Should you wish to decode your Lexus VIN manually, you can use the table below as reference:

Lexus CT 200h 2013 JTHKD5BHD1
Lexus ES 250 1991 JT8VV22TM0
Lexus ES 300 1999 JT8BF28GX0
Lexus ES 300h 2014 JTHBW1GGE2
Lexus ES 330 2005 JTHBA30G55
Lexus ES 350 2014 JTHBK1GGE2
Lexus GS 300 1995 JT8JS47ES0
Lexus GS 350 2014 JTHBE1BLE1
Lexus GS 400 1999 JT8BH68XX0
Lexus GS 430 2004 JT8BL69S40
Lexus GS 450h 2010 JTHBC1KSA5
Lexus GS 460 2008 JTHBL96S85
Lexus GX 460 2014 JTJJM7FXE5
Lexus GX 470 2004 JTJBT20X40
Lexus HS 250h 2010 JTHBB1BAA2
Lexus IS 250 2006 JTHBK26262
Lexus IS 250 C 2012 JTHFF2C2C2
Lexus IS 300 2001 JT8BD18210
Lexus IS 350 2013 JTHCE5C2D5
Lexus IS 350 C 2010 JTHFE2C9A2
Lexus IS F 2009 JTHBP26295
Lexus LFA 2012 JTHHX8BHC1
Lexus LS 400 1999 JT8BH28FX0
Lexus LS 430 2002 JT8BN30F20
Lexus LS 460 2012 JTHGL5EFC1
Lexus LS 600h L 2012 JTHDU5EFC5
Lexus LX 450 1997 JT6HJ88JV0
Lexus LX 470 2003 JTJHT00W33
Lexus LX 570 2009 JTJHY00W94
Lexus RX 300 1999 JT6GF10UX0
Lexus RX 330 2006 2T2HA31U6C
Lexus RX 350 2013 2T2BK1BADC
Lexus RX 400h 2006 JTJGW31U62
Lexus RX 450h 2010 JTJBC1BAA2
Lexus SC 300 1999 JT8CD32ZX1
Lexus SC 400 2000 JT8CH32YY1
Lexus SC 430 2009 JTHFN45Y99